About Us

About Us

BEST COAL TRADERS has, since 2008, conducted successful and continues supply of coal to various well renowned end users and clients, both in MIDDLE EAST and EUROPE.

We enjoy a strategic position with respect to production, marketing and distribution arrangements.

We have forged strong alliances / relationships with major steam coal producers in various regions and provide our customers with highest standards of reliability and quality of service. Our team of dedicated professionals facilitates smooth execution of contracts that are entrusted with us, on time.

Our core CSR principles are clear, honest and open dialogue with all communities and delivery of benefits that are sustainable, beyond our direct involvement. We seek to do no harm while bring maximum benefits to the local communities in which we live and work.


It is a deeply satisfying activity that reinforces our sense of purpose and direction. BEST COAL TRADERS also encourages employees to get involved in and contribute to the various community outreach projects that it initiates and supports.

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